Reality and Evangelical Theology


Thomas F. Torrance, Reality and Evangelical Theology (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1982); #1982-397


Torrance, Thomas F. Reality and Evangelical Theology. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1982; #1982-397

Publication life cycle / General notes

1st edition. Preface: "This book comprises The Payton Lectures delivered in April 1981 at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, under the title The Realist Basis of Evangelical Theology."

Dedication to "Hywel D. Lewis, Philosopher and Theologian..."

The #2003-TFT-1 edition includes a new forward, "Introducing Torrance," by Kurt Anders Richardson. 

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, #2018-TFT-1-Logos.

  • Preface, p. 9. #1982-397a.
  • Ch. 1: The Bounds of Christian Theology, p. 21. #1982-397b.
  • Ch. 2: Theological Questions to Biblical Scholars, p. 52. #1982-397c.
  • Ch. 3: A Realist Interpretation of God's Self-Revelation, p. 84. #1982-397d.
  • Ch. 4: Truth and Justification in Doctrinal Formulation, p. 121. #1982-397e.
  • Notes, p. 157.
  • Indexes, p. 169.