The Christian Frame of Mind


Thomas F. Torrance, The Christian Frame of Mind: Reason, Order, and Openness in Theology and Natural Science, 2d ed. (Colorado Springs, Colorado: Helmers & Howard, 1989); #1989-505


Torrance, Thomas F. The Christian Frame of Mind: Reason, Order, and Openness in Theology and Natural Science. 2d ed. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Helmers & Howard, 1989; #1989-505

Publication life cycle / General notes

Revised edition of #1985-449, with an added subtitle. 

New to this edition:

  • "Preface to the New Edition," T. F. Torrance
  • "Introduction," W. Jim Neidhardt
  • Chapters 4, 5 and 6 
  • Appendix: "The Theology of Light"
  • Annotated Bibliography, W. Jim Neidhardt  

Pages are reset; pagination is different.  New subheadings throughout added by Lee Wyatt.  Some slight changes in text may have occurred; for example, the "References” section for ch. 1, “The Greek Christian Mind” includes “The Lost Scriptural Mind” by Georges Florovsky in the 1985 edition (p. 15), which is omitted in the 1989 edition (p. 16). 

The 1989 edition was reprinted in 2010 and 2015.

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, #2018-TFT-1-Logos.


Items in bold are new to this edition:

  • Preface to the New Edition, p. vii. (#1989-505a)
  • Preface to the 1985 edition, p. viii. (#1989-505b)
  • Introduction, p. xi-xliv, by W. Jim Neidhardt
  • Ch. 1: The Greek Christian Mind, 1. (#1989-505c)
  • Ch. 2: The Concept of Order in Theology and Science, 17. (#1989-505d)
  • Ch. 3: Man, Mediator of Order, 35. (#1989-505e)
  • Ch. 4: Theological and Scientific Inquiry, 65. (#1989-505f)
  • Ch. 5: Fundamental issues in Theology and Science, 87. (#1989-505g)
  • Ch. 6: Realism and Openness in Scientific Inquiry, 107. (#1989-505h)
  • Ch. 7: The University within a Christian Culture, 125. (#1989-505i)
  • Appendix: The Theology of Light: A University Sermon, 147. (#1989-505j)
  • Annotated Bibliography, 157-162, by W. Jim Neidhardt
  • Index of names, 163.

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