Kingdom and Church


Thomas F. Torrance, Kingdom and Church: A Study in the Theology of the Reformation (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 1996); #1996-597


Torrance, Thomas F. Kingdom and Church: A Study in the Theology of the Reformation. The Torrance Collection. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 1996; #1996-597

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See the original #1956-089 edition for chapter information.

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, #2018-TFT-1-Logos.

(Related source #1987-TFT-a needs attention.)


In this book, T. F. Torrance’s doctrine of “the vicarious humanity of Christ” addresses the problem of the reality of salvation. Through this approach, salvation as humanization is affirmed, yet without the problems of anthropocentric theologies. This book is unique in that it offers both a survey of contemporary Christian thinking on salvation as well as a constructive alternative based on Torrance’s doctrine, a significant yet neglected contribution to modern theology.

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