General Editors' Foreword


James B. Torrance and Michael Jinkins, "General Editors' Foreword," in Edward Irving: The Trinitarian Face of God, ed. Graham W. P. McFarlane (Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 1996), iv; #1996-JBT-1b


Torrance, James B., and Michael Jinkins. "General Editors' Foreword." In Edward Irving: The Trinitarian Face of God. Edited by Graham W. P. McFarlane. The Devotional Library. Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 1996, iv.; #1996-JBT-1b

Publication life cycle / General notes

There are two versions of the "Foreword": one for the volumes published in 1993 and a slightly revised 1996 version. The "Foreword" appeared in the following six volumes: Thomas Erskine (1993), by Trevor A. Hart; John McLeod Campbell (1993), by Michael Jinkins; John Knox (1993), by Henry Sefton; Edward Irving: The Trinitarian Face of God (1996), by Graham McFarlane; John and Donald Baillie (1996), by David Fergusson; and George MacDonald (1996), by Gary and Cathy Deddo.