The Trinity, the Human Person and Community


James B. Torrance and James Houston, The Trinity, the Human Person and Community (Vancouver, BC, Canada: Regent College, 1999;; #1999-JBT-2


Torrance, James B., and James Houston. The Trinity, the Human Person and Community. A lecture series recorded in 1999. Vancouver, BC, Canada: Regent College, 1999,; #1999-JBT-2

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A lecture series recorded in 1999. 16 hours, 20 minutes. Purchase online from Regent Audio, Product ID RGDL2911S.


The Triune God of Love has created us in his image to find our true humanity in loving communion with Him and one another, as persons living in community. In this series, the rise of Western individualism, its roots in Platonic and Stoic thought and the influence of Cartesian rationalism will be examined and set against theological critiques from Kierkegaard to Jacques Mounier, Emil Brunner and John MacMurray, to C.S. Lewis.


Individual and Person, Society and Community - Torrance. The Modern History of the Self - Houston. The Trinitarian Understanding of Humanity - Torrance. The Image of God in Man - Houston. The Negation of Our True Humanity - Torrance. The Double Knowledge of God and Man - Houston. Reconciliation - Torrance. Soren Kierkegaard for Post-Modern Christians - Houston. Worship, Prayer, and the Trinity - Torrance. The Mentored Life - Houston.

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