Karl Barth Collection

Karl Barth, Karl Barth Collection (Bellingham, Washington: Faithlife Corporation; Logos Bible Software, 2015); #2015-TFT-1
Barth, Karl. Karl Barth Collection. 49 vols. Bellingham, Washington: Faithlife Corporation; Logos Bible Software, 2015; #2015-TFT-1
Publication life cycle / General notes
Includes the 31 volumes of the Church Dogmatics, Study Edition (2009-TFT-2) and various titles from Wipf and Stock, 2003–2015 (49 volumes total).
Church Dogmatics Study Edition plus: Christ and Adam; Come, Holy Spirit; Community, State and Church; Credo; Ethics; Final Testimonies; Fragments Grave and Gay; God in Action; The Church and the War; The Faith of the Church: A Commentary on the Apostles' Creed according to Calvin's Catechism; The Great Promise: Luke 1; The Knowledge of God and the Service of God; The Resurrection of the Dead; The Teaching of the Church Regarding Baptism; Theological Existence To-Day!; Theology and Church: Shorter Writings, 1920-1928; Witness to the Word: A Commentary on John 1; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.