T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian


Joseph H. Sherrard, T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian: The Ascended Christ and the Ministry of the Church (Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2021)


Sherrard, Joseph H. T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian: The Ascended Christ and the Ministry of the Church. New Explorations in Theology. Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2021

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Joseph H. Sherrard (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is associate pastor of discipleship at Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. He is a fellow of The Center for Pastor Theologians and is actively involved in the work of the Paideia Center for Theological Discipleship.

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Christ has ascended. Yet his work continues.

Much has been made of a "missional" view of the church in recent theological literature, but largely overlooked in this discussion has been the contribution that T. F. Torrance, the late Church of Scotland minister and theologian, can make to this discussion. Addressing this lacuna, theologian and pastor Joseph Sherrard considers how Torrance's theology can inform the church's understanding of its ministry and mission—in particular, his appeal to the church's participation in the ascended Christ's threefold office as king, prophet, and priest.

Through the ministry of the church, Christ is still at work.


Foreword by Alan Torrance
Introduction: T. F. Torrance as a Missional Theologian
1. Dualism and the Doctrine of God: T. F. Torrance’s Trinitarian Theology and the Gospel Within Western Culture
2. The Lord of Mission: The Threefold Office and Ascension of Jesus Christ
3. The Mission of the Body of Christ: Ecclesiology, Mission, and the Deposit of Faith
4. The Ministry of the Ascended Lord: The Church’s Participation in Christ’s Kingly Office
5. The Ministry of the Ascended Lord: The Church's Participation in Christ's Prophetic and Priestly Offices