Reader's Guide 3d. The human creature

Elmer M. Colyer, "An Introductory Reader's Guide to the Published Works of T. F. Torrance," Participatio: Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, Supplement 1 (2011): 38-63; revised online edition (#2017-EC-1).

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"The Goodness and Dignity of Man in the Christian Tradition." Modern Theology 4: 309-22 (#1988-498).

"The Soul and Person in Theological Perspective." In Religion, Reason and the Self: Essays in Honour of Hywel D. Lewis, ed. Stewart R. Sutherland and T.A. Roberts, pp. 103-18. Cardiff: University of Wales Press (#1989-514).

The Christian Frame of Mind: Reason, Order, and Openness in Theology and Natural Science. New and enlarged edition. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Helmers & Howard (#1989-505).
Chapter 1: The Greek Christian Mind (#1989-505c)
Chapter 3: Man, Mediator of Order (#1989-505e)

These are Torrance's main discussions of theological anthropology, though there are other important brief articles and pamphlets on various related topics like the three that follow.

The Christian Doctrine of Marriage. Edinburgh: Handsel Press (#1984-430).

"Donor Insemination for Single Women: The Animalisation of the Human Race." Ethics and Medicine 7 (#1991-536).

The Soul and the Person of the Unborn Child. Edinburgh, Handsel Press (#1999-633).

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