Reader's Guide 3b. The Almighty Creator

Elmer M. Colyer, "An Introductory Reader's Guide to the Published Works of T. F. Torrance," Participatio: Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, Supplement 1 (2011): 38-63; revised online edition (#2017-EC-1).

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The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489)
Chapter 3: The Almighty Creator (#1988-489d)

Christian Doctrine of God (#1996-595)
Chapter 8: The Sovereign Creator (#1996-595i)
Chapter 9: The Unchangeableness of God (#1996-595j)
These chapters contain important discussions of the almightiness of God, the impassibility of God, and the character of God's providence.

Colyer, How To Read T. F. Torrance (#2001-EC-1)
Chapter 5: Sovereign Creator, Contingent Creation

Molnar, Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity (#2009-PDM-1)
Chapter 3: God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth

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