TH504 Trinitarian Perspectives on Faith and Science


Kerry Magruder, Syllabus: TH504 Trinitarian Perspectives on Faith and Science, Grace Communion Seminary (Spring 2020)


Magruder, Kerry. Syllabus: TH504 Trinitarian Perspectives on Faith and Science. Grace Communion Seminary (Spring 2020)

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Taught at Grace Communion Seminary, Spring 2020.


The early church developed the doctrine of creation through sustained theological reflection on the Incarnation. This course explores what it might mean today to ground our thinking about science, nature, and creation in the foundational theological perspectives of the Incarnation, Resurrection, and Trinity. This course surveys some of the conflict points for science and religion frequently encountered in modern culture, reassessing them in light of the theological perspectives of the Trinitarian theology of Thomas F. Torrance, and incorporating insights from the writings of C. S. Lewis.

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