Presbyterian - Anglican Relations


Thomas F. Torrance, "Presbyterian - Anglican Relations," in Conflict and Agreement in the Church, I: Order and Disorder (London: Lutterworth Press, 1959), 104-145; #1959-139e


Torrance, Thomas F. "Presbyterian - Anglican Relations." In Conflict and Agreement in the Church, I: Order and Disorder, 104-145. London: Lutterworth Press, 1959; #1959-139e

Publication life cycle / General notes

Part 1: Discussions with Churches.

Ch. 3: Presbyterian-Anglican Relations.

  • Section (a), "What is the Church?" (pp. 104-122): "Address given to the Theological Colleges Union, November, 1956, at New College, Edinburgh; published in The Ecumenical Review, October, 1958" (#1958-137).
  • Section (b), "Intercommunion and the Union of the Church" (pp. 122-134): "Lecture delivered to the Faculty of Theology, Heidelberg University, July, 1956; German text published in Kerygma und Dogma, July, 1957, pp. 240-50. See Relations between Anglican and Presbyterian Churches (Edinburgh St. Andrews Press; London, S.P.C.K., May, 1957). It was out of the discussions which preceded this Report that this lecture was originally written...." (#1957-114, #1958-TFT-6)
  • Section (c), "A New Approach" (pp. 134-145): "The Presbyterian Record, Toronto, July-Aug., 1957, pp. 19, 36-37 (#1957-119); and Biblical Theology, Belfast, January, 1958" (#1958-TFT-1).
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  • Oklahoma History of Science Collections copy donated by James Walker; see also OU copy of #1958-TFT-6.