Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian


Thomas F. Torrance, Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1990); #1990-517


Torrance, Thomas F. Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1990; #1990-517

Publication life cycle / General notes

Previously published papers, revised: "In revising these essays and turning them into chapters for this book..." (p. xii).

See also: Thomas F. Torrance, Karl Barth: An Introduction to His Early Theology, 1910-1931 (London: SCM Press; New York: Harper & Row, 1962); #1962-177.


Foreword, ix-xii. #1990-517a.
1: Karl Barth: 1886-1968, p. 1. #1990-517b.
2: The intellectual Context of Barth's Thought, p. 27. #1990-517c.
3: Karl Barth, Theologian of the Word, p. 82. #1990-517d.
4: My Interaction with Karl Barth, p. 121. #1990-517e.
5: Natural Theology in the Thought of Karl Barth, p. 136. #1990-517f.
6: The Legacy of Karl Barth, p. 160. #1990-517g.
7: Karl Barth and Patristic Theology, p. 182. #1990-517h.
8: Karl Barth and the Latin Heresy, p. 213. #1990-517i.
Analytical Table of Contents, p. 241. Index, 245.

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