Theological Science


Thomas F. Torrance, Theological Science (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1996); #1996-599


Torrance, Thomas F. Theological Science. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1996; #1996-599

Publication life cycle / General notes

The 1996 edition contains a "Preface to the New Edition," pp. xix-xx.  As a result, the Table of Contents is now pp. xxi-xxii.  Otherwise pagination is unchanged. 

See #1969-263 for full information.


Preface, vii-xviii.
Preface to the New Edition, xix-xx.
Table of Contents, xxi-xxii.
1: The Knowledge of God, 1.
2: The Interaction of Theology with Scientific Development, 55.
3: The Nature of Scientific Activity, 106.
4: The Nature of Truth, 141.
5: Problems of Logic, 203.
6: Theological Science Among the Special Sciences, 281.
Index, 353.

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