Face to Face: Discovering Relational


Marty Folsom, Face to Face, vol. 2: Discovering Relational (Eugene, Oregon, 2014)


Folsom, Marty. Face to Face, vol. 2: Discovering Relational. Eugene, Oregon, 2014

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Vol. 2 of a 3-volume set.


The fullness of human relating is not an accident, nor is it achieved alone. We are created to connect in this shared life as we gain tools and insights to collaborate as companions. In this second volume of Face to Face, Discovering Relational, journey with a relational theologian into the little-explored realm of personal relationships. Are you ready to discover practical steps to enter into ways of deeper knowing and being known? Allow a seasoned adventurer to guide you into moments of discovery through story, metaphor, and simple, penetrating thoughts. Written in rich and revealing language, this companion volume to Missing Love speaks wisdom toward living in joyful relationships. Discover a map to take you there in the pages of this innovative, groundbreaking book.

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