Face to Face: Sharing God's Life


Marty Folsom, Face to Face, vol. 3: Sharing God's Life (Eugene, Oregon, 2016)


Folsom, Marty. Face to Face, vol. 3: Sharing God's Life. Eugene, Oregon, 2016

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Vol. 3 of a 3-volume set.

Ch. 3, “Science as Faith and Faith as Science," discussed in the Reading Group on Feb 17, 2022. Download discussion handout in right sidebar. Video coming soon.


Like falling in love, this book argues that a relationship with God begins with surprise, proceeds with discovery, and shapes a life that comes to share a story of love. This book does not describe God, but pursues the nature of personally relating with the triune God. Consequently, it also engages how we relate with humans made in God's image. We finish the Face-to-Face series with this most mysterious and fulfilling encounter--a personal engagement with the Relational God, known as a community of persons who invite us to share in their life.