Face to Face: Missing Love


Marty Folsom, Face to Face, vol. 1: Missing Love (Eugene, Oregon, 2013)


Folsom, Marty. Face to Face, vol. 1: Missing Love. Eugene, Oregon, 2013

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Vol. 1 of a 3-volume set.


Face to Face is about personal relationships. Everyone talks as though they want one, but most of us are missing the strategies to live with this intimacy, especially with God. This book is an invitation to explore the "ah-ha" moments of a theologian who believes that theology should be practical and speak to where we live. Drawing from years of study in theology, biblical studies, counseling, and addiction therapy, this book is a creative conversation about what is missing in our most important element in life--our relationships. Its simplicity does not diminish its depth in penetrating some of the most complex questions of our age.

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