John Macmurray's Influence on Thomas F. Torrance


Marty Folsom, "John Macmurray's Influence on Thomas F. Torrance," Scottish Journal of Theology 71, 3 (2018): 339-358


Folsom, Marty. "John Macmurray's Influence on Thomas F. Torrance." Scottish Journal of Theology 71, 3 (2018): 339-358

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The study of Thomas Torrance is undergoing a revival, but has neglected to highlight one significant influence: the insights of the Scottish philosopher John Macmurray. This article focuses on three respects in which Torrance affirmed Macmurray's work: in overcoming dualism, in creating an integrated realist philosophy and in expounding the form of the personal. This study will bring to light Macmurray's contributions to Torrance's thought, surveying the works of Torrance to reveal where Macmurray contributed key epistemic and systemic points to Torrance's developing scientific theology. This brief summary intends to reveal both Torrance's overt acknowledgement of Macmurray and the need for more exploration of their connections in order to enrich the study of both scholars.

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