Use italics for the names of the Interviewer and the Narrator.

  • Kerry Magruder: What a spellbinding story of a pilgrimage, where it seems that you encountered the Torrance tradition outside of the walls of a formal degree program.
    • Note: The colon after the name should not be italicized.

Use italics for the names of books (and other types of publications, such as journals, as per the conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style).

  • Jennifer Floether: Well I’ll start at the beginning with Mediation of Christ of course.

Use italics (sparingly) to convey words emphasized through tone of voice.

  • Jennifer Floether: So there’s a dialogue, there’s an interaction between you and the material — in my case, sculpture and glass — and you learn to be, if you like, obedient to the truth of that material, of that concept that you’re trying to articulate in this material. And I think that stood me in good stead when it came then to looking at theology.