Brackets [ and ] are reserved for the use of editors for notes and words not present on the recording and added to the transcript. Examples:

  • The other class that I remember in particular, being particularly inspiring, was the ethics classes with Findley Edge [ed. note: later clarifies as Henlee Barnette], who was just a jewel and a truly unique and wonderful person.
  • There was an anatomy prof at Galveston called [Raymond] Blount. And Dr. Blount was one of the most memorable characters that I’ve ever known.
  • So where did you have to report to for basic? Were you up at Great Lakes [Naval Base]?
  • I never taught — manpower development is what they called it back then. I mean, some students would write a paper about it, but CETA [Comprehensive Employment and Training Act] and all that stuff, I just personally wasn’t interested in it.
  • [overlapping] insert at the beginning of a paragraph when the speaker spoke at the same time as the end of the previous paragraph.