Dialogue as a Monologue

  • And I was all at sea and I didn’t know who was good and who was bad and so I said “well you know, some people say some theologians are no good and others are good, and I don’t know, I’m reading this chap called Emil Brunner.”** “Oh you’ll be alright with him!” he said. (Laughs)
  • #00:33:10-8# Jennifer Floether If I had even my advanced age, I would be quite prepared if I had a big problem in life, I’d be quite prepared to give him a ring and say, David, have you got some time for me? Can I come down for a cup of tea to Northberig(??)**
  • I know he would say yes. And I know too that he would — and he often has, actually — said things to me, which stick, and which will provide a light in darkness. And I know he’s still very busy, pastorally, because I’ve couple of time to phoned him and “oh I was out, I was taking communion to somebody.”** Wonderful.