Paraphrasing/Quoting someone else

  • I understand that to be part of, part of living out of the incarnation, in other words, we are here, we are meant to be in the world, we’re meant to be in the world, we’re meant to be participating in this reality and, as I’ve heard Robert say often, we’ve got a foot in both realities.
  • I was also struck by what he said about preaching. I think I can quote almost exactly what he said. Something like, “sadly today most of our preaching throws people back on themselves because it’s mostly about telling people what they should do and how they should behave.”** But when we preach we should ask ourselves after we’ve preached have the people heard the voice of — have people heard the word of God today, or have they just heard a human — well he would say a man — speaking?
  • And I think Eckart heard the same thing on one of his visits — my husband — I asked him at some point, you know, when you look back, are you feeling like you can relax a bit? And he said, “I’ve only ever scratched the surface.”
  • And we spoke to his minister, and he looked at us all and said, “ah, it’s good to see Bob’s congregation here.”