Entering text: Publications Block

Publications blockPublications appear in this block as if by magic. You do not need to enter them to make them appear. Rather, publications are added separately, using a Bibliography record rather than a Profile.

Note: We hope to make it possible for you to create bibliography records directly in 2019; until then, please use our Submit Publications form and then we will create the bibliography records for you.

Publications appear in the Publications block automatically based on the name of the person listed in the "All Souls Name" field, which you entered in the Identity block.  So long as that field is not empty, publications in which that person is listed as an author, editor or translator will automatically be associated with this profile.

All Souls Name

To enter the profile name in the "All Souls Name" field, enter the last name first, such as "Torrance, Thomas F." The name entered in this field is the basis for linking this profile with other pages throughout the website. For this field, as for any taxonomy field, enter a single word or two, and then wait to see if the desired term appears as a possible selection. Try to avoid creating duplicate terms, if possible, which will have to be later de-duplicated, one-at-a-time, by hand. Yet after waiting a moment or two, if the desired term does not appear, then enter it in this field and it will be added to the taxonomy term list when you save the record.