Member Profiles: Overview

Blocks and Fields

A profile consists of several component "blocks."  Each block contains several fields. The blocks are:

  • Identity
  • About me
  • Education
  • Institutions
  • Activities
  • Publications
  • Reference

Sample Overview

The top portion of a sample Member Profile shows the Identity block in the left sidebar, an About block in the main content area (middle), and in the right sidebar, a row of share buttons, a general search field, and a list of publications.  Each block contains fields related to that block. If a given field is empty, it will not be displayed.

    Below: A sample Member Profile, top portion

    Sample Profile

    About Block

    The About block includes the following fields:

    • Professional title;
    • About notes;
    • TFTTF offices held;
    • TFTTF service notes;
    • Colyer Categories;
    • Periods studied.

    Identity Block

    Below: The Identity block of a Profile page:


    Education Block

    The Education block contains the following fields:

    • Education notes;
    • Teachers and Mentors;
    • Educational Institutions;
    • Doctoral advisor and committee;
    • Dissertation link.

    Below: The Education block of a Profile page:


    Institutions Block

    The Institutions area contains the following fields:

    • Institution notes;
    • Dissertation link;
    • Institutional affiliations - Professional;
    • Students;
    • Colleagues and Collaborators.

    Below: The Institutions block of a Profile page:


    Below: A Students section within the Institutions block of a Profile page:


    Special thanks to James Chaousis for researching the students of JBT and TFT.

    Activities Block

    The Activities block contains the following fields:

    • Activities notes;
    • Academic Societies;
    • Events and Conferences;
    • Awards and Honors.

    Below: The Activities block of a Profile page:


    Reference Block

    The Reference block at the bottom contains notes and sources for the information in the Profile.