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Please notify us of missing citations to add to the Sources or Studies bibliographies! This project is an open-ended collaboration of members of the T.F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, and we welcome your input. Please send as much information you can about any missing citation, including reprints and translations, to the bibliography editors using the Webmaster contact form. Exact and complete publication information is preferred, if available (e.g., a pdf of the title page and front matter, including table of contents).

Help! We seek direct independent verification of every reference. We need assistance verifying or completing the following citations:
Please contact us if you have a copy on hand or if you know of a library that holds it.

nd-TFT-2. Thomas F. Torrance, "Ethics and Embryos," taped lecture, Rutherford House, Edinburgh.

#1946-013. Torrance, Thomas F. The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1946. (Limited paperback edition of doctoral thesis for Basel University.) Can anyone verify this citation? How many pages?

#1947-014. Torrance, Thomas F.. "Review of Emil Brunner, Revelation and Reason." The Record (1947): 681. Can anyone clarify or complete this citation? We know that this serial is NOT the Monthly record of the Free Church of Scotland. However, an attempt to inter-library loan the Beechgrove Church Monthly Record failed for lack of a willing lending library. Or might the journal be Life and Work: The Record of the Church of Scotland? Or The Presbyterian Record (Canada)?

Series: 1955-084, 1955-084b, 1956-97, 1956-98, 1957-113, 1957-115, 1958-126, 1958-126, 1959-143, 1959-147, 1960-160, 1960-166, 1960-TFT-1, 1961-172, 1961-174, 1962-178, 1962-188, 1966-236. In his 1976 bibliography, Bryan Gray described "A series of brochures prepared in the name of the [Special] Commission [on Baptism] by T. F. Torrance (convener) and published annually, May 1955-May 1962 inclusive. For private circulation only." Does anyone have PDFs of these? Can anyone verify these citations? Look for them in the bibliography with the "Baptism Interim Report" tag.

#1957-117.Thomas F. Torrance, "The Impossibility of Seeking Unity with the Roman Church," The Scotsman, Oct 22 (1957):?. We need the page numbers and column numbers. ILL failed with the notice: "BAD CITATION No such article/author found as cited." We also need the other letters, as this is the first of several letters exchanged between T.F. Torrance, James Quinn, S.J., and Francis Davis, October through December of 1957. We need page numbers and column numbers for all of these.

#1962-182.Thomas F. Torrance, "Barth: Equal to Athanasius, Part 3," The British Weekly and Christian World (1962): 2. This is part 3 - does anyone have access to determine what parts 1 and 2 are? We don't have dates, page numbers or titles for Parts 1 and 2.

#1981-392. Thomas F. Torrance, "The Nicene Creed: Its Emergence in History - The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, 381 A.D." Scottish Church Theological Society Bulletin (1981). Need correct journal title: Possibly the Scottish Evangelical Theological Society Bulletin? 1 issue only, in 1981 (succeeded by the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology). Also need page numbers.

#1981-405. Torrance, Thomas F. Contribution to Seminar on Das Problem Der Zeit. Edited by Reinhold Wegner. (Paderborn: Das Deutsches Institut fuer Bildung und Wissen, 1982), pp. 7-16. What is the chapter title for Torrance's contribution? Can anyone verify this citation?

#1982-415. Torrance, Thomas F.. "Ueber Die Anderung Des Wissenschaftlichen Denkrahmens." Evangelium und Wissenschaft 7 (1982): 13-19. Can anyone verify this citation? (Journal of the Karl Heim Gesellschaft zur Foerderung einer Biblisch-Christlichen Orientierung in der Wissenschaftlich-Technischen Welt. ISSN: 0934-0769.)

#1984-439. Torrance, Thomas F. "Le Concept D'ordre, En Theologie Et Dans La Science, in Resurrection." In Resurrection. Edited by Jerome de Gramont. Cahiers Theologiques. (Neuchatel, Paris, 1984), pp. 65-72. Can anyone verify this citation? (OCLC id=72786944 or 313615543?)

#1985-457. Torrance, Thomas F.. "Grundlegende Aufgaben in Theologie Und Wissenschaft." Evangelium und Wissenschaft 13 (1985): 4-22. Can anyone verify this citation? (ISSN=0934-0769. Journal of the Karl Heim Gesellschaft zur Foerderung einer Biblisch-Christlichen Orientierung in der Wissenschaftlich-Technischen Welt.)

#1993-565. Torrance, Thomas F.. "'The Catholic and Apostolic Church' ('A Machine Grinding Out Its Dogmas')." Church Times (1993): p. 10. Several Church Times are in OCLC; which one is this? Does it have a subtitle? Where was it published and by whom? Does it have an ISSN? (Applies also to McGrath numbers 1993-566 and 1994-582.) Can anyone verify or complete these citations?

#1995-592. Torrance, Thomas F.. "The Qiang Church." Friends of the Church in China, Newsletter 29 (1995). FCC website. What is/are the page number(s)? Does anyone have a copy of this? Can anyone verify or complete this citation?

These references are tagged with the "Wanted List" keyword in the Sources bibliography.

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