Tutorial 1: General Layout

On any page, survey the general layout.

Header and Body

Page layout

The Header contains links for Mission | Join | Contact us; and Main Navigation tabs.

The Body has a three-column layout: A main content area with two sidebars (left and right margins). 

  • Left sidebar: Not always present. Varies according to page type.
  • Main content area: Always present. Content unique to each page.
  • Right sidebar: Always present.
    • A General Search box appears in the right sidebar of every page.
    • Social Media buttons in the right sidebar enable anyone to quickly and easily share any given page via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Linked-In, Twitter, Google+ or email.
    • Other content varies according to page type.


Footer area

The Footer contains a teaser for the Mission statement, contact email, rss subscription, and links to various helps, including the tutorial, development roadmap and sitemap. The "Find by #" feature is explained in the Search section of this tutorial.