T. F. Torrance Quick Start


Books by T. F. Torrance

  • If you’re primarily interested in Torrance’s theology, start here:
    1. The Mediation of Christ, #1992-542.
    2. The Incarnation, #2008-TFT-1.
    3. The Atonement, #2009-TFT-1.
    4. The Trinitarian Faith, #1988-489.
    5. The Christian Doctrine of God: One Being Three Persons, #1996-595.
  • If you’re primarily interested in Torrance’s thinking about theology and science, start here:
    1. Preaching Christ Today: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking, #1994-571.
    2. Divine and Contingent Order, #1998-623.
    3. The Ground and Grammar of Theology, #1980-369; also available as free audio lectures, #1981-TFT-6.
    4. Theological Science, #1978-352.
    5. Space, Time and Incarnation, #1969-262.
    6. Space, Time and Resurrection, #1976-331.

Introductions to T. F. Torrance:

  • Thomas Torrance, James Torrance, David Torrance, A Passion for Christ, #1999-PFC-1.
  • Elmer Colyer, How to Read T. F. Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian & Scientific Theology, #2001-EC-1.
  • Alister McGrath, T. F. Torrance: An Intellectual Biography, #1999-AEM-1.
  • Gerrit Dawson, ed., Introduction to Torrance Theology: Discovering the Incarnate Saviour, #2007-GSD-1.
  • Elmer Colyer, The Promise of Trinitarian Theology: Theologians in Dialogue with T. F. Torrance, #2001-EC-2.
  • Paul Molnar, Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity, #2009-PDM-1.

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