Annual keynote November 6

Annual Keynote

  • Business meeting at noon Central Daylight Time US (6pm UK)
  • Lecture at 1pm Central Daylight Time US (7pm UK)

Videos now available: Summer Workshop | Firbush Retreat


  • Sept 30: Douglas Campbell, Pauline Dogmatics: The Triumph of God's Love (#2020-DAC-1), in relation to T. F. Torrance, Space, Time and Resurrection, with Marty Folsom. Video.
  • Oct 7: Thomas F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489), ch. 3, "The Almighty Creator" (#1988-489d). Geordie Ziegler with Ken Roxburgh. Video.
  • Oct 14: Andrew Torrance, to discuss methodological naturalism (#2018-ABT-1), with Kerry Magruder. Video.
  • Next up, Oct 21: Thomas F. Torrance, "Jesus the Servant Today"; #1963-202.